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Bike-Powered Device Recharges Phone

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"Nokia just announced a bike kit that will allow riders to use pedal power to recharge mobile phones. First debuted in Kenya, the Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit will hit the international market by year's end. For novice cyclers and experienced bike commuters alike, devices that capture pedal power are clever and convenient. In Kenya, the Nokia kit retails at approximately $18 -- it's aimed at developing areas where bikes are prevalent -- and can provide enough power to a Nokia mobile phone after 20 minutes at 10 miles per hour for about an hour of talk time, or an amazing 74 hours of standby. The kit includes a dynamo that attaches to the front wheel and connects to a holder that keeps the phone in place. Charge times vary, though, depending on the phone, and for now the kit is limited to sets with 2mm charging interfaces."
SOURCE:   Discovery News