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James Solakian, a shareholder in, filed a lawsuit against the board for "breaching their duty by refusing to sell the site or run the company in a profitable way."

Solakian estimated that domain name that was purchased by minister Roy Spencer "Bud" Miller in 1996 for $50--could be worth more than, which sold for more than $100 million.

But Miller refused a $100,000 offer, stating he "was entrusted to run the site for a sacred purpose," which spurred Solakian to take a bit of sacred legal action.

As far as running in a "sacred way," it seems as though Miller has done quite a job.

Wondering what the Bible says about "The Danger of the Pokemon Fascination?"

Well, wonder no more:

"First of all, its name describes what this game is about. Pokemon is short for "Pocket Monsters". When I was growing up, we were taught monsters were evil, not something to play with. When I was a little girl, the "boogie man" or monsters caused us fear and we did not want to be around them. This game makes some of its monsters out as friendly; thus causing children to embrace certain evil spirits as friends instead of resisting them. This is not the only game that does this as there are other games and books that trivialize or glamorize the occult as well. One of the most evil book series that children are reading at this hour are the Harry Potter books. These books are just as dangerous as the Pokemon games. The Harry Potter books have become a best selling series that chronicle the tales of an orphaned boy at a school for wizards. These books deal with the occult in a fantasy way. In the books you will find animal sacrifices, threats of human sacrifices, witchcraft, wizardry and divination as well as other evil things."

How about tattoos? Fear not,'s got you covered:

"Tattoos have their "roots" in witchcraft. Many young people today are doing these very things because of some evil witchcraft influences in their lives that they are unaware of.   They do not realize that partaking of these can open the door to wrong and defiling influences in their lives. Evil videos, depraved rock music albums, wicked Internet games and violent movies are displaying evil trends in order to destroy our youth. Satanic tattoos, skin heads and other cultic rites are opening many of our children to demonization."

And food? What does god want us to eat?

Once again, the sacredly-run to the rescue:

"A good guideline would be to eat "living foods." The natural, living foods are fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, meats and dairy products. The "dead foods" are those that are highly refined. They not only are expensive, but also in most instances do little to nourish. Many people are tired, run down and sick because a large part of their diets are made up of dead junk foods. We want to include at least an outline of some of God's approved foods to help people get started on the road to proper eating. Although this list is not complete, it does give the basic foods that the Bible lists as good to eat:

Barley---Ruth 2:23
Bread---Luke 22:19
Butter---Isaiah 7:22
Corn---Ruth 2:14; I Samuel 17:17
Cheese---I Samuel 17:18
Dates---Genesis 3:2
Eggs---Job 6:6
Figs---Numbers 13:23; I Samuel 25:18
Fruits(All)---Genesis 1:29
Herbs (Leafy Plants) and Vegetables---Genesis 1:29
Honey---Deuteronomy 8:8
Meats---(Beef, Fish,Lamb,Poultry,Venison) Deuteronomy 14; Leviticus 11
Milk---Isaiah 7:21-22
Nuts---Genesis 43:11
Olives and Olive Oil---Leviticus 2:4; Deuteronomy 8:8
Salt---Leviticus 2:13
Wheat (Bread, Cereal, Pasta)---Psalm 81:16

This being America, the land of opportunity, someone's already figured out a way to capitalize on this:

Don't forget to say grace.
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