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Beware the Result of Outrage

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There's only one sure way to guarantee Web traffic no matter the topic, and that's a well-placed, if gratuitous, reference to a trending Google search topic somewhere in your piece, preferably the opening paragraph to prevent the bounce rate from jacking up:

"The biggest news story of last week?," asks Andrew Ross Sorkin in the Times' Dealbook column.  "O.K., maybe it was Oprah Winfrey announcing she was going to call it quits with her daytime show in 2011. But it’s a close call. Though Oprah sucked up a lot of the media oxygen, last Thursday was an important day in Washington, too, with a couple of Winfrey-worthy aha! moments that could shake up the world of finance."

Well played, sir. Well played.

We forgot what the rest of the piece was about because, hey! Oprah!
SOURCE:   New York Times