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Best New Product Idea in History Set to Take World by Storm

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Drew Hamilton of Dallas, Texas was sitting around with a bunch of poker buddies when the conversation turned to a common question:

What would you do if you got laid off?

Hamilton, who
was president of Which Wich Superior Sandwiches at the time and earning a six figure-plus income, convinced his friends to "throw ideas on the wall, see if there is one of them that we can do something with and let's make it happen."

One of the group suggested specialized software, but the process, from patent to actual execution, would have taken years.

Another suggested a spice-centric restaurant venture, but that would have involved lengthy permitting processes and a tremendous amount of start-up capital.

Then, Michael Hasbany chimed in with his idea--and let me tell you, it is quite possibly the finest idea in recorded history:

The bearded ski mask.

"It was a super-random thought," Hasbany said. "But like most people, I just sat on the idea and did nothing with it. When this group got together, I pitched it."

Now, five months after that fateful day,
Tripleye Holdings LLC is hitting the market with the Beardski.

The group underestimated demand, and under-ordered--what they hadn't counted on was taking an early shine to the Beardski.

Hasbany sent a batch to the online retailer, and, as Hasbany recalls, "Within days they called and said, 'These are hilarious. We're all wearing them in the office. We want to put them online.' Amazon legitimized the product."

Now the factory in China charged with producing the world's best product of all time is cranking out a second order of 10,000 pieces that should be ready by January.

My credit card is quivering. I'm ready. I refuse to go without a Beardski this winter. Fellas? Are you listening?
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