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Best. iPhone Prank. Ever.

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As per usual, the web exploded in a sea of half-hearted and well-planned hoaxes last Friday. Google led the pack with several high profile pranks, like Gmail Motion and YouTube 1911. And although they were executed quite well, they were hardly "laffers" in any sense of the word.

However, a Boing Boing reader named Pete showed Google, ThinkGeek, Hulu, and everyone else how to evoke laughter from an April Fools prank. Pete sets the scene:

"I know my wife has this 'AP Mobile' news app on her phone and receives text message alerts whenever something big is happening around the world, I decided to play a little prank on her. This morning I changed my name in her contact list to 'AP Mobile' and sent her a short and sweet message and waited for her to turn her phone on. Her mouth almost came down to the floor."

As you can see, no one would keep their composure after reading a news story of this magnitude:

There's only drawback as I see it. Since Pete arranged the stunt for April first, most people would be on their guard for any online chicanery coming our way -- even from Associated Press.

Here's a tip: Any time outside the week of April First ought to be fair game.

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