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Bentley Cars Recalled Due to Faulty Hood Ornament

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Even without the fisheye lens and Lil' John's goblet reflected in the chrome, the Flying B is an imposing artifact. A symbol of wealth and prestige, it decorates the hood of one of the most ostentatious vehicles in collectors' garages. But as honored as most pedestrians would be to have that hunk of metal firmly lodged in their sternums upon impact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration thinks otherwise.

Bentley Motors is staging a recall of its Arnage, Brooklands, and Azure models from 2007-2009 due to a faulty mechanism that would prevent the Flying B from retracting upon impact. According to the NHTSA announcement, "On vehicles affected there is the potential for the retractable 'B' mechanism to become corroded. In extreme cases, this may lead to flying 'B' mascot not retracting when struck."

Adding, "Such a defect may result in additional injury in the event of a pedestrian impact."

Physical injury, yes. But the emotional boost one would get knowing they have been crippled by such a pristine vehicle and its sparkled spire of triumph makes it all worth while.

Especially for the driver.
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