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Been Dumped? Fired? Pets Dislike You? Try Tylenol!

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In the near term, analysts say, Johnson & Johnson must overcome several roadblocks, including patent losses and product recalls that could damage the company's reputation. Year-to-date, JNJ’s stock is down 5%, trading today for around $61.

But bulls on the stock, like our colleagues at Barron’s, make the long-term case for optimism for the diversified health-care giant: great cash flow, a solid drug and medical-device pipeline, and a pristine balance sheet with some $16 billion in cash at Dec. 31.

Here’s another reason for hopefulness: The New Jersey-based company might be selling a magical little pill that can ease the pain all of us suffer when experiencing feelings of rejection, whether that’s because we didn’t get picked to play dodge-ball on the playground or didn’t make partner at the firm.

Specifically, according to a recent report in Scientific American magazine, certain kinds of physical and emotional pain share a neural pathway that responds to acetaminophen (Tylenol).

In a study conducted by social psychologists, participants reported feelings of rejection on questionnaires. In another part, they played a computer game in which they were progressively excluded from a virtual ball-passing group as time elapsed.

Brain imaging revealed that those taking Tylenol appeared to experience fewer feelings of rejection than those who received a placebo.

Of course, as Scientific American emphasizes, one study does not a combo headache and heartache drug make, but it’s an interesting window into the possibilities of that tiny white pill probably sitting in your medicine cabinet right now.
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