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Bank's Efforts at Teaching Fiscal Literacy to Kids Derisively Mocked by Bloomberg Businessweek and Investment News

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My how the worm has turned. Remember when mainstream financial media adored banks and financial institutions, big business? Those were the days, right? The Man was in charge. Long live The Man. Now? Well, look what has happened. Financial Media is now mocking The Man!

First, The Man gets a quick jab from Bloomberg Businessweek:

Even the first sentence takes a couple shots: "Citigroup, 18 percent owned by the U.S. government...." Ha! Take that, The Man. Your bank is partially owned by us, the little people.

But wait, we're not through yet. Investment News, which, seriously, calls itself, "The Leading News Source for Financial Advisers," goes for the full-on sneer treatment:

The Website in question was developed by Tile Financial LLC, which was founded by a former New York Stock Exchange finance chief and Bear Stearns analyst Amy Butte. The Tile portal, called Spend Grow Give, is available to clients of Citigroup's private bank, which caters to people with more than $25 million, including a third of the world's billionaires, the article notes. Yeah, that's right, billionaires.

The while thing is a perfect snapshot of present social mood and the shift away from glorifying the wealthy and the pursuit of wealth. In fact, even the Website in question is launching with a theme that will be laughably backward by the time this social mood shift bottoms and the upward shift begins: "Spend Grow Give." On the other side, expect that slogan to be replaced by "Give Grow Spend," a full reflection of the ongoing turn in financial priorities.
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