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Attractive Men Get Jobs, Attractive Women, Not So Much

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When not looking to Israeli’s for lessons on how to improve airline security and other general bad-assery, we can look to them to teach us about attractive people.

Researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev wanted to find out if attractive people are more likely to get job interviews than “plain” looking people.

To find out, the researchers sent out 5,312 resumes to 2,656 advertised job postings in Israel. Half of the applications contained photographs; the other half had no photographs but was identical in terms of applicants’ background, skills, etc..

Now, anyone who’s been to Israel or who lives in New York knows (bias alert) that Israelis are some of the hottest people on Earth. But, that fact notwithstanding, the researchers claim that Israel is actually the most opportune country to conduct this study because while Europeans routinely attach pictures to resumes, and Americans routinely do not, Israelis sometimes do and sometimes don’t, and as such, the results would be of higher quality.

The conclusion?

Attractive males are significantly more likely to be called back for an interview than no-picture males. And they’re more than twice as likely as pictured “plain” males to be called back.

On the other hand, no-picture females have the highest response rate, 22% higher than “plain” females and 30% higher than “attractive” females.

That’s right, attractive females were the least likely to get called back for an interview.

The primary reason why attractive females have the toughest time comes down to good old fashioned jealousy:

“Females in charge of hiring…may well be jealous of prospective female employees who are attractive and thus may compete with them for mates or at least the attention of male coworkers.”

Good News for Blondes

One of the best parts of the studies is that it also debunks the myth of the “dumb blond.” Considered by the researchers to be a “pervasive” stereotype in Western culture, the “dumb blond,” it turns out, is a total myth.

Why? Because studies confirm that blonds are considered beautiful. And beauty has a positive association with intelligence. Ergo, “while the dumb-blonde stereotype may occupy a place in popular folklore, it is contrary to actual perceptions of attractive people, men and women alike.”

Good News for Plain Folk Lost In a Maze

The second best part of the study is that it reminds us that even if you are “plain” looking, that doesn’t mean you’re any less able to escape from a maze.

The study points to another study by Mobius and Rosenblat that created an expermimental labor market in which employees got paid more if they were able to solve a maze.

Physically attractive workers were no better at solving mazes than less attractive workers.

So, to sum up:

Attractive men get job interviews, attractive women make other women jealous, blond women aren’t really perceived as dumb, and hot and ugly alike, we’re all the same when it comes to escaping from mazes.

Thanks Israeli researchers!
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