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AT&T Kills 4G on Its Android Phones

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Should we expect anything less from the country's worst mobile provider?

Wired's Mike Isaac reports on a new Motorola Atrix user noticed that his alleged 4G device wasn't reaching the speeds that AT&T assured it would reach. After filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, AT&T responded.

The company purposely disabled a key capability -- HSUPA -- which would enable faster speeds for its 4G phones, namely the Motorola Atrix and the HTC Inspire 4G. AT&T purportedly isn't ready to flip the 4G switch just yet as -- big surprise! -- the network can't handle the service. A company spokesperson told Wired, "We will be turning HSUPA upload speeds on via a software update to the Motorola ATRIX 4G and HTC Inspire 4G planned for April."

Until then, Atrix and Inspire users will have to live with speeds that are often slower than 3G.

Worse yet, the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 -- both of which are relegated to the 3G network -- come HSUPA-enabled since, well, they're not 4G.

Gartner Research VP Phil Redman is fed up with the 4G marketing hype. "The concept of 4G is a joke now," Redman said. "At the highest level, it's supposed to be a technology standard, but it's nothing but marketing now. If and when 4G-standardized technology is actually decided upon and released, we've been inundated with this jargon for so long we may not even recognize it."

So as AT&T continues the "testing and preparations necessary" to get its 4G network up-and-running, it'll continue fudging the facts on its hobbled infrastructure -- including simply renaming its 3G network to 4G and criticizing other providers which do the same.

And this is going to be the largest mobile provider in the country???

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