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AT&T Grasping at Straws in New iPhone Ad

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Next week, frustrated iPhone users and prospective buyers will finally have a choice of carriers for Apple's flagship product. Starting February 10, Verizon will be carrying the iPhone in addition to AT&T. And as maligned as AT&T has become, the shaken provider is forced to use every bargaining chip at its disposal to prevent a mass exodus.

But after three and a half years of mediocre to poor service -- and being consistently rated the worst carrier in the US by Consumer Reports -- AT&T's stack of chips looks mighty chintzy.

However, it does have one clear advantage. Unlike Verizon's 3G network, AT&T has a GSM network -- allowing for users to browse the web while talking. Verizon's CDMA 3G network doesn't support that feature.

Well, you know what that means:

Yes, as if people on Bluetooth headsets weren't grating enough, their tendency to busy themselves with other tasks while talking to you is now a selling point.

All joking aside, the ability to talk and surf is a nice feature, one that customers might consider before making the switch to Verizon.

The question is, with phone calls becoming passé, how many people will actually find it necessary?
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