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As News Morphs Into Advertising, One Man Helps Sort It All Out

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Londoner Tom Scott, a self-described "Geek Comedian" writes:

"It seems a bit strange to me that the media carefully warn about and label any content that involves sex, violence or strong language — but there's no similar labelling system for, say, sloppy journalism and other questionable content. I figured it was time to fix that, so I made some stickers. I've been putting them on copies of the free papers that I find on the London Underground."

While Britain's era as a naval superpower may be a mere memory, we are now entering a period of UK dominance (dominated by at least one guy) as a "I'm calling you, yeah you, out on your BS, newspaper filler-upper masquerading as a journalist" superpower.

Take a look:

See? Newspapers aren't dead. They're just sick, gasping desperately for air, and being mocked by comedians.
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