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Arts & Crafts Teachers, Hamsters Left in Lurch as Toilet Paper Goes Tubeless

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The next place for eco-friendly innovation is two feet from your toilet. Household product giant Kimberly-Clark is about to roll out the first-ever tubeless toilet paper rolls.

Scott Naturals Tube-Free, which use a special winding technique to fit on your existing toilet-paper holder without the usual cardboard backing, will go on sale Monday in Walmart and Sam’s Club stores across the Northeast.

If customers like them -- and who wouldn’t like a roll whose last square is as intact as the first, rather than being irrevocably glued to the tube when it’s needed most -- they could become the new standard in the $9 billion toilet-paper market.

While such a development might leave a lot of arts-and-crafts teachers and hamsters in the lurch, it would certainly save space in landfills. According to Kimberly-Clark, Americans go through 17 billion TP tubes annually, adding up to 160 million pounds of cardboard trash, most of which isn't recycled.
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