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Are iPhone Graphics Set to Make a Huge Leap?

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Here's a headline that might be buried on page nine: Imagination Tech Buys Caustic Graphics for $27 Million.

And here's the headline that might be splashed on the front page come June 2011: Apple's New iPhone Runs Crysis.

You see, Imagination Tech is the manufacturer of the video chips found in Apple's flagship smartphone, and Caustic is renowned for producing cinema-quality 3D graphics. Put Imagination's peanut butter with Caustic's chocolate, and you have a revolutionary Reese's smartphone.

TechRadar broke the story yesterday and spoke with Imagination Technolgies' PR Director, David Harold. He had this to say:

Well, we don't want to tip our hand but this acquisition opens up the potential for highly photorealistic imagery to reach new real-time applications and markets, including consumer, not possible previously, via its integration with POWERVR, which is the de facto standard for mobile and embedded graphics.

We have a proven track record of disrupting markets by bringing new and high-end technologies to consumer and embedded products: ray tracing is a key additional technology that traditionally has been regarded as the exclusive domain of specialised markets and non real-time applications. We will change that.

As it stands, the iPhone is regarded as having the best visual display of any smartphone. And with this week's acquisition, the combination of processing power and photorealistic graphics could potentially blow everyone else out of the water.

Or force everyone else to step up their game.

We're reaching a point where iPhones and Androids have surpassed Super Nintendo quality graphics and are steadily hitting PlayStation 2-level visuals. With titles like Chaos Rings, Real Racing, and Zen Bound 2, mobile games are virtually indistinguishable from the console titles we played at the turn of the century. As the development explodes on a much quicker platform cycle, we'll be seeing huge steps in smartphone visuals from now on.

And with this acquisition, smartphone developers are just about to lengthen their stride.
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