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Are Child-Free Flights in Our Future?

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You start off optimistic. You’re on time at the gate. You’ve got a window seat. You’re boarding the aircraft. All is going well until…

Dear Lord, no! You’re sitting next to a child.

Look, this isn’t to say that children aren’t cute and adorable. Nor is it to say that we don’t believe children are our future. We just don’t want the future sitting next to us, aimlessly hurling snot-rockets while throwing tantrums at the slightest tremor of turbulence.

Fortunately, there’s an emerging movement in favor of taking care of this pesky problem.

The New York Times reports that a growing number of passengers have been asking airlines to create special sections just for families, and also for kid-free flights altogether.

According to the Times, a recent survey by Skyscanner showed that “59 percent of passengers support creating special sections on flights for families. Nearly 20 percent said they would like to see airlines offer child-free flights.”

And it’s not just annoyed passengers who favor the idea of family sections. The Times reports that some parents would also like their own section so they can freely chat, play, and indulge in their familial bliss without angering other passengers.

To which we say: Yes! Yes! Yes!

To which airlines say: nothing.

“Neither Delta, Southwest, AirTran, US Airways nor Qantas replied to requests for comment for [the New York Times article]. An American Airlines spokeswoman said only, ‘We do not offer child-free flights’ in an e-mail message.”

Oh well. We can always dream.

In the meantime, why not just let kids ride in the cockpit? Totally safe there.

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