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Apple's iPad 2 Is Popular Even Among the Dead

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Flowers are sweet, but impersonal. Eulogies are heartfelt, but abridged. It would seem that, in rituals for the dead, Chinese families in Malaysia have the right idea.

What could possibly summarize a person's life or send them on their merry posthumous way better than an iPad 2?

Reuters reports that during the Qingming festival -- where Chinese communities honor their dead by burning replicas of luxury items like luxury cars or high-end handbags -- some families have requested paper versions of Apple's very popular tablet computer.

Prayer item shopkeeper Jeffrey Te told Reuters, "Some of my customers have dreams where their departed relatives will ask for luxury items including the iPad 2." Unfortunately for mourning early-adopters, "I can only offer them the first iPad model," Te admitted. The original shipment of fake iPad 2 units flew off the shelf -- 300 were shipped to China for the Qingming festival. Much like their electronic counterpart, the paper iPad 2 mockups couldn't meet demand.

In their stead, Te indicated, are mock iPhones and Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

Sounds like, even in death, we're forced to settle.

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