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Apple Will Now Donate Your Old, Dilapidated Original iPad to Teach For America

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It’s only been 11 months since Apple released the original iPad, and with 15 million units sold, there’s no question the device is hotter than a summer in Burma. But with the iPad 2 already on the market, plenty of first adopters are probably a little frustrated. After all, what’re you supposed to do now with that old, beastly, overweight and bloated original iPad you bought only a few months ago?

Few options. Of course, original iPad’s make for great coasters. Also, by turning the iPad off, you can kind of use it as a mirror.

But let’s say you’d prefer that your iPad, which technically still “works” despite its gargantuan size and truly laughable processor, was put to good use. Fear not, Apple’s got you covered. Right now, on Apple’s retail website, the company is promoting a program where you can bring in your old, dilapidated, and embarrassing original iPad to an Apple Store and the company will donate it to Teach for America so that a teacher in a low-income community can unleash its magic.

And, well, that’s pretty great.

Having known a few Teach for America teachers, I’m particularly jazzed by this program. These folks—and I’m not exaggerating—seem to be possessed by a work ethic and, frankly, insane devotion to their job the likes of which I may never see again. And nothing, and I mean nothing, can offer these little soldiers more comfort at the end of a day than playing Angry Birds.

Oh, and it’ll be good for their students, too! Studies have shown that, on average, students with Teach For America teachers raised their math scores 0.15 standard deviations more than other students.  And with iPads in the classroom, who knows how many more standard deviations are to come!

So, kudos Apple, for putting our collectively neurotic obsession with first adoption to good use.
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