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Apple Puts Kibosh on Steve Jobs Doll

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"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." It's a preposterous concept that gets trotted out usually after your intellectual property is wholly ripped off. Wouldn't a credited tribute be more gracious or venerating? Sure, it's a comforting to think that your creation is so beloved that others wished they produced it, but what can a boosted self-esteem buy?

But last week, M.I.C Gadgets were able to express its sincerity and adulation while co-opting copyrights and trademarks. The company's Steve Jobs doll is a loving -- and horrifically detailed -- tribute to the Apple CEO who enjoys his curt emails. The $80 figurine stood atop the company logo and clutched a miniature iPhone in his left hand -- holding it wrong, incidentally.

However, if there's one company that doesn't take kindly to anyone so much as dipping a toe into its domain, it's Apple.

In a blog post on M.I.C Gadgets' website, Chris Chang wrote, "Apple has informed us that this phenomenal SJ action figure, has not consented to the use of Apple's copyrights and trademarks, therefore they request us immediately to cease the marketing and sale of this figure."

Apparently, the very litigious tech outfit found the doll to be an "unauthorized use of a person's name and/or likeness" -- which, as we all know, is a "violation of California Civil Code Section 3344, which prohibits the use of any person's name, photograph or likeness in a product without that person's prior consent."

After quickly selling out of its initial 300-piece run, the Steve Jobs doll looks to be no more. So fanboys, I suppose it's a return to twigs and pine resin for all your effigial needs.

On the bright side, the Eric Schmidt Gaffe-Master and Steve Ballmer Sweat-Soaker action figures will be available indefinitely.
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