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Anti-Smoking Drugs Possibly Inducing Violent Rages in Already-Tense Former Smokers

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New reports show that Pfizer's (PFE) anti-smoking drug Chantix (called Champix outside the U.S.) is causing lots of people to go into violent rages.

The drug brought in $189 million in the most recent quarter ended April 4 -- clearly Pfizer believes that there are 189 million reasons that the drug is worth risking a lawsuit. (Plenty of which have been cropping up since July 2008.)

While Pfizer has contended for years that the drug is safe and has helped plenty of people, side effects including violently beating other people continue to surface. According to the report, a 24-year-old girl started beating her boyfriend while he was sleeping, while another guy hit a stranger in a bowling alley (the report did not specify if the stranger had a higher average).

The researchers recommend that the drug not be sold to anyone who works in the military or law enforcement field. Chantix is already banned from use by pilots -- good thing! Maybe they should ban passengers from taking the drug as well; flying makes people angry enough.

Maybe someone should check and see if Mel has a prescription.
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