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Another Incentive to Leave AT&T for the Verizon iPhone

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We're hours away from what will likely be Verizon's official iPhone announcement. If true, that will mean millions of Apple fanboys will be able to board the iPhone ship without worry of the anchor that is AT&T's abhorrent coverage. Between the dropped calls, spotty coverage, and terrible customer service, AT&T members are itching to leave. And if Verizon is able to maintain the iPhone customer influx, there will be little reason for anyone to remain as an AT&T subscriber.

And here's one more: Verizon might be keeping its unlimited data plans for new iPhone users.

In its coverage of Verizon's network confidence, the Wall Street Journal reported that the mobile carrier will extend its current tiered data plans -- which include "unlimited data" as an option -- to new owners of Apple's flagship smartphone. This stands in contrast with AT&T's current service which had removed unlimited data plans as an option for iPhone and iPad customers -- even after the iPad had been introduced with limitless data plans. Only existing customers were able to reap the benefits of not having to worry over the cost of every streamed video.

But few are confident that such a plan will last long at Verizon. After all, the company is still a mobile provider and its executives are no different from its competitors who believe that data should be monitored and monetized byte by byte. And once those 4G smartphones start making their way to store shelves, that will only become more certain.

However, for the time being, that shouldn't preclude future Verizon iPhone users from enjoying the thrill of downloading data with reckless abandon.

Just enjoy it while it lasts.
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