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Another Facebook Movie In the Works

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In the two months following the release of The Social Network, the film has brought in about $180 million worldwide.

Its success comes as no surprise considering the movie's got a little bit of everything that everyone likes: Facebook, rich guys, computers, Facebook, intrigue, crime, Facebook, and Facebook.

But if there’s one thing the movie lacks, it’s a sequence wherein our hero Mark Zuckerberg gets turned into a cartoon character via a mixed medium film technique that combines animation with live action followed by the use of interpolated rotoscopes.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what Hayden 5 Media and Bluewater Productions have teamed up to create.

The latest Facebook movie in production will be an animated version of the forthcoming comic book “Mark Zuckerberg and the Found.”

A statement from Bluewater Productions reveals a bit of the plot:

“[Zuckerberg] would be tempted with unimaginable amounts of money and have to deal harshly with people along the way - many of whom would later feel betrayed. Read how a young man's frustration with women helped spark an idea that would have him dating Victoria's secret models and how socially inept young man wound up creating a company that has revolutionized the way hundreds of millions of people all over the globe socialize with each other.”

Apparently, even though millions of people have already seen this exact story on the big screen hasn’t deterred the filmmakers.

"This will not be the last retelling of the Marc [sic] Zuckerburg [sic] story," says Milos Silber, Executive Producer at Hayden 5 Media. "We're just aware of the profound impact of Facebook, and with over 500 million users, we're bound to have an audience.”

Personally, I hope the next retelling of the Facebook myth involves a joust between Zuckerberg and MySpace’s Tom. Poor, poor Tom.

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