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Another Day, Another Brutal Assault Over a Restaurant Bill

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First, a San Antonio man shoots up a Taco Bell and goes toe-to-toe with the SWAT team because he thought he was being overcharged for the seven (!) Beefy Crunch Burritos he ordered.

Now we find out that Dimitrios Mikroulis, the owner of Outriggers Fish House in Tinley Park, Illinois, was beaten half-to-death by a customer unhappy with his bill.

Police say Donovan Lee Campbell, who was dining with his ex-wife Nancy and their eight year-old son, became enraged when he was presented with a bill for $150 -- which "included the $64.99 Outrigger platter."

Donovan Lee Campbell -- a man who absolutely HATES overpaying for dinner

So, Campbell did what any maladjusted, sociopathic 40 year-old man would do -- sucker-punch the proprietor as he was being led out of the restaurant, breaking eight of Mikroulis' ribs and collapsing one of his lungs.

The Joliet Herald-News reports that a waiter told police that "Campbell was choking Mikroulis and knocked his legs out from beneath him, driving Mikroulis to the floor. When police arrived, they found two male employees trying to subdue Campbell on the vestibule floor."

“I used to own a restaurant in Racine (Wis.), and I’ve worked in restaurants for years but I’ve never, ever seen anything like this,” Dillon, 40, of Joliet, said. “All my tables were disgusted by it. And there was their kid, walking around the restaurant. How pathetic," Jeanni Marie Dillon, a waitress working that night, told the paper.

Campbell was charged with battery.

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