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Android User Fires Back at Misleading iPhone Ads

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Last week, Apple debuted a TV ad campaign much like the ones from its past. A disembodied set of hands cycled through Cupertino's flagship smartphone, displaying its many uses for its owners. The conceit was, the announcer said, "If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have" specific apps exclusive to Apple -- such as the iPod and iBooks software. The three TV spots concluded with the line, "If you don't have an iPhone, well, you don't have an iPhone."

In the smuggest intonation imaginable.

The problem with these ads, however, was that the features -- not the apps -- being touted were made to sound as if they could only be performed on the iPhone. Smartphones outside Apple's line may not have the iPod or iBooks apps, but a wide variety of MP3 players and e-reader apps exist for that very reason. The ads even include Starbucks and Delta apps, insinuating that they're exclusive to the iPhone when they're also readily available in the Android Market.

This raised the ire of many Android users -- including Android Police's Will Shanklin who dissected the three ads, claim by claim.

And this week, a YouTube user mmace posted a video response to the Apple campaign, giving a presentation of the things Android can do -- but the iPhone can't.

Unlike Apple's baby, the Android OS offers far more freedom to tinker with the platform, by way of widgets, keyboards, and UI hacks. You can swap out SD cards -- as well as the battery -- and expand the storage space. Wirelessly syncing isn't a problem with AirSync, your music downloads don't carry DRM, and the Kindle app offers a much wider selection of e-books than the iBooks app. Flash may not be the prized peach to many, but Android users at least have the option to have it enabled. And Google Navigation and Voice Commands -- two of Android's strongest features -- aren't available on the iPhone.

And while the App Store may hold more apps now, the Android Market is expected to be larger by the end of this year.

So while Apple's ads may be somewhat misleading, they do have one thing for certain: If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have an iPhone.

In its stead, you probably have an Android device.

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