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Android Drama Erupts Between Verizon and Best Buy

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You've researched. You've weighed your options. You like the iPhone but want something more Google-infused and with tactile keys.

This inevitably brings you to the Android line. In terms of coverage, you're leaning toward Verizon. Perfect! There are two models -- the Droid Pro and Droid 2 Global -- that have what you need. Even better, they're on sale at Best Buy -- priced $50 and $100, respectively, with a two-year contract. What a fantastic deal!

All that's left to do is grab your keys and your coat and-...

Uhp. Too late. They're gone.

The Droid Pro and Droid 2 Global haven't sold out. They're still available on Verizon's website for a lot more than what Best Buy was pricing ($180 and $200 with contract and after rebates). But they're no longer available on Best Buy's shelves.

What happened?

According to Engadget, rumor has it that Verizon blew a fuse when the retailer priced the devices far too low. Apparently, this is in violation of an agreement between the two companies wherein Best Buy's pricing could potentially cut into sales from Verizon's corporate-owned shops. Why bicker with a Verizon employee when you can drop by a Best Buy and save up to $130?

So, if you want to nab either Droid, you'll have to bite the money bullet and buy it from Verizon.

And curse yourself for waiting.
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