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Android Can't Be Stopped

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To paraphrase Meat Loaf but butcher his math, one out of three ain't bad.

According to new numbers by Comscore, Android is now the platform on a third of all smartphones in the US. The market researchers compared the three month period ending in February 2001 to the three month period ending in November 2010, and saw a dynamic growth for the Google OS. Jumping from a 26% to 33% market share, Android had this biggest growth by far -- 35 times the 0.2% increase that Apple's iPhone saw.

The other three platforms in the top five all saw declines.

In fifth place, Palm saw a massive drop for its already meager share -- falling 1.1% to 2.8%. Despite its commendable Windows Phone 7 platform, Microsoft's smartphone market share went from 9% to 7.7%. Now in second place, Research in Motion bled the most subscribers -- plummeting 4.6% to 28.9%. Between Android's rise and RIM's fall, Android's trip to the top was a decided victory -- though the gap between first and second has narrowed.

Overall, nearly 70 million Americans own a smartphone in the period ending in February -- an increase of 13%.

Although these numbers only account for the States, venture capitalist and principal of Union Square Ventures Fred Wilson believes Android will play even better in the developing world.

"I believe Android will be stronger in the developing world than it is in the developed world. And most of the growth in smartphones is going to come from the developing world in the next five to ten years," Wilson wrote.

If true, Android will be a platform that truly can't be stopped.

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