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And the Oscar Corporate Nominees Are...

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Oscar nods usually translate into bigger box office for a few weeks, as those who’ve been Netflixing all year trudge out into the theaters at last. And while this is good news for the movie talent, it’s even better news for the media companies distributing the films. So who’s cleaned up this year? In order of Oscar nominations:

1.) Viacom: 20
With two “Best Picture” nominations among the 20, “True Grit” and “The Fighter,” Viacom is in the best position to pick up something for the night. Since Darren Aronfsky has 12 nominations altogether, even if his Paramount pic doesn’t nab an award, Viacom will get some of the spillover from the “Black Swan” press.

True Grit: 10
The Fighter: 7
How to Train Your Dragon: 2
Iron Man 2

2.) Sony: 17

The Social Network has already won the Golden Globe for Best Picture -- not always a shoe-in for the Oscar but often close enough. At 10, Sony also has the most individual films nominated, thanks to the savvy of the “autonomous” Sony Pictures Classics.

Sony Pictures Releasing
The Social Network: 8
Country Strong

Sony Pictures Classics

Inside Job
The Illusionist
In a Better World
Animal Kingdom
Another Year
Barney’s Version

3.) Weinstein Company: 13

Not exactly corporate -- in fact, more like the Suge Knight of the Oscars -- Harvey Weinstein, along with brother Bob, is the undisputed master of shoving his pictures down Academy members’ throats. Or only producing the cream of films, if you prefer. Having cut his teeth at Miramax, he knows the business end and the talent end.

The King's Speech
: 12
Blue Valentine

4.) Time Warner: 12
Although it called Netflix out onto the playground at recess, Time Warner has nothing to worry about in terms of award cred. Also, Inception and The Town are both available right now on Netflix.

Warner Bros.
Inception: 8
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1: 2
The Town

5.) Newscorp: 12
Paramount owes a debt to Newcorp for making Natalie Portman a bankable actress again, thus giving viability to the new No Strings Attached. Fox Searchlight’s nominated films are up in enough categories that it’s sure to walk away with something.

Fox Searchlight
Black Swan: 5
127 Hours: 6

20th Century Fox

6.) Disney: 12

This year marks Disney’s last film through Miramax, which it recently sold to Filmyard Holding LLC.  The Tempest isn’t looking like a strong frontrunner for Best Costume Design -- Alice in Wonderland or The King’s Speech are more likely -- but just being nominated is an honor.

Walt Disney
Alice in Wonderland: 3
Toy Story 3: 5
Tron: Legacy

Day & Night
The Tempest

7.) GE/Vivendi: 5
NBC Universal will either go big or go home. It may have the least nominations of all the majors, but The Kids Are All Right has been nominated for two of the biggies, Best Picture and Best Actress.

Focus Features
The Kids Are All Right: 4

The Wolfman

8.) Lionsgate: 3
Lionsgate has had a hell of a year successfully fending off the seemingly relentless Carl Icahn, who finally refocused his attention on energy companies. Icahn hasn’t always had good luck with media companies: Disney snatched Marvel Comics out from under him in 2009, and his directorship of Blockbuster is now at an end. He did manage to strong-arm Time Warner into $20 billion in stock buybacks by agreeing not to break the company up into four parts.

Lionsgate’s nominations are more quality than quantity; Nicole Kidman of Rabbit Hole is up for Best Actress, Winter’s Bone won the Sundance Grand Jury Prize and Biutiful star Javier Bardem already has an Oscar on his mantle for No Country for Old Men.

Rabbit Hole
Roadside Attractions
Winter’s Bone
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