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Amish Roofers a Competitive Force With Which Thou Shalt Not Reckon

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Like the generic form of a pharmaceutical wonder-drug, the plain and simple Amish have swept into Philadelphia’s suburbs offering cheaper (and often better) roofing services than their flashy, more expensive competitors.

Customers are happy, but local roofers aren’t having it. reports:

… “Non-Amish contractors say the Amish, who come from Lancaster County and western Chester County, have an advantage because they do not have to pay Social Security taxes for themselves or their Amish employees and are eligible for a religious exemption from workers' compensation insurance…”

But Amish roofers claim they can offer lower prices because they simply get the job done faster.

Aaron S. Esh, the president of an Amish roofing company, told “If my guys are efficient and they get the job done in half the time [of a non-Amish crew] guess what? I'm going to bid lower."

Fair enough.

But roofing isn’t the only industry on which the Amish have been moving in.

For over a decade, some Amish have run into trouble selling cocaine, a nasty habit usually picked up over rumschpringes—that window of time when young Amish are permitted to dabble in the vices of modern living before returning to the church.

But hey, this is what capitalism is all about! Finding competitive advantages, and using them to your benefit.

And if you’re on the buyer’s side, the Amish are simply offering a great product. So remember, the next time you’re in the market for some great blow and a great roof, be sure to head on out to Lancaster.
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