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American Idol Considers MySpace Still Relevant

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Fox's show American Idol has grown long in the tooth. The original lineup of judges has been altered -- with Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez rumored to join Randy this year -- the last season finale scored the lowest number of viewers since the first season, and the overall magic (which escaped me but seemed to connect with the rest of the country) has already started to fade.

But not to worry, fresh-faced crooners! Corporate synergy is coming to the rescue!

News Corp. is attempting to rejuvenate its ailing show with its social network that's essentially dead: MySpace. Yes, American Idol is now permitting MySpace users to post online videos of vocal histrionics to audition for the show. For 40 seconds, warblers aged 15 to 28 can choose from a list of songs to sing a cappella in an attempt to make it to Hollywood.

Entrants can gain extra corporate points by singing with the New York Post and a Homer Simpson cardboard stand-up in plain view.

But by keeping the services "in-house," Idol producers are clearly stretching the concept of relevance with this MySpace stunt, making the show look even less hip. They had to forgo Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Google Talk, iChat, or any service that could have revived the program with a fresher flavor.

Then again, producers were probably too busy on ICQ to notice.
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