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Amazon Likes Facebook's Like Button

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It’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason why Facebook is so addictive, but it certainly has something to do with appealing to our most primal desires, chief among them telling people that we like things.

After all, “me like” was one of the first expressions prehistoric man used when he left the cave and saw fire. Probably.

Anyway, Facebook’s “like button” is hard not to like, only because it’s such an intuitive and easy way to grant approval. Like a nod. Or a grunt. And judging by its rapid spread across other the web, it’s safe to say the like button was one of the smartest additions to Facebook’s interface.

And now, Amazon is getting in on the action.

Reports across the web are showing that Amazon has added a “like” button to certain products (mostly books). Only some users are seeing it, so it’s probably still in test mode.

Generally, we like this. In a way, a like button almost makes more sense on Amazon, where you can use it to “like” actual goods, as opposed to Facebook status updates, wherein we’re “liking” concepts, or granting approval to someone’s decision to post lyrics to some song.

So good job, Amazon.  We look forward to liking your like button for years to come.
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