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Amazon and E-Retailers Brace for Google's E-Book Shop

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Google is planning to open an e-book store to compete with Amazon and Barnes & Noble and supposedly help indie publishers, too. The soon-to-launch Google Editions store and platform will be "hardware agnostic," meaning a person would be able to access a purchase on any device, anywhere, no matter where the sale originated. All books from every seller and every format would be associated with a single Google account.

Critics are still looking for a problem with the plan.

Drea Knufken of Business Pundit, however, says she's not reading ahead to any foregone conclusions. "As with other Google products that sound juicy at inception, we’re going to have to wait and see how Google Edition plays out," she writes.

So true. Remember the confusing mess that was Buzz? And how many people still prefer Google Docs to other word processors?

Here's the opening to a recent McSweeney's post, "Google Docs Breaks Up With You":
We started out so hot and heavy. You'd visit me in your spare time at work, sneaking in a paragraph or two. Or stop in on your lunch break, with just enough time to dirty up some spreadsheets. You were ravenous. The juices were flowing. You'd sweat over hard ideas, until finally words and sentences came spewing forth, euphoric. The possibilities were endless. We were such a pair, the two of us! Passionate. In love.
We know where this is going.

Meanwhile the jury is still out on Google's foray into fashion:

By the end of the year it should be clear whether Google Editions will be the biggest thing in publishing since Oprah's little club, or just another funny Googlette limb that most people ignore.
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