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Amazing iPhone App Proves We Live in the Future

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You're at a bar with your friends. Periodically throughout the night, each member of the group takes out their smartphone to check email or send a text. Invariably, the conversation shifts to comparing devices -- who has what, which plan are you on, do you like it, etc. And more often than not, someone will say, "Oh, check this out. This is cool," and proceed to demonstrate a nifty app.

Now, we've all been more than mildly impressed before. Advancements in technology within just the last few years have really opened our eyes to what's possible. Google Goggles recognizing a wine label with a simple camera scan. Swype taking seconds off tapping out an email on a default keyboard. And the iPhone 4's gyroscope and compass make finding a nearby restaurant downright magical through augmented reality.

Folks. In all honesty, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Introducing Word Lens -- an app that has no right existing in our present-day world.

Word Lens will translate Spanish words into English, and vice-versa, in real-time. Not through text or voice input, but images of words. Point your iPhone at a sign containing words in Spanish and Word Lens will display the English translation within the actual sign. It works as any other augmented reality app, but with so much more finesse. It matches the placement and, from the looks of the video, the color of the letters. Even the font choice looks somewhat similar.

The $5 app doesn't require a Wi-Fi or data connection. As of now, the app is limited to the iPhone, as well as strictly Spanish and English translations. Hopefully, both the languages and platforms will expand in the coming months.

But what's pretty funny is that the technology still hasn't progressed enough to get a perfect translation. Sure, Word Lens will completely alter a sign or menu into an English or Spanish translation in real time, but the grammar will be slightly flawed.

Check out the demonstration below. While it appears to be a well-executed hoax, don't be fooled. It's real.

Welcome to the future.
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