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Agricultural Equipment Now Suitable for Office Use

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Red Snap'r Electric Fencing Systems is, as the name implies, an electric fencing company.

Located in Waipukurau, New Zealand (try saying that 10 times fast...), Red Snap'r uses "modern energisers" (check out that fancy Oceanic spelling, huh?) to "construct fences which are highly effective in restraining stock."

(And they do know their livestock down in New Zealand--the country's agricultural sector is one of, if not the, world's healthiest, due largely to the elimination of subsidies in 1984, when a new government came to power and instituted the most comprehensive reforms of any OECD country before or since.)

Anyway, back to Red Snap'r. The company's website says that its products "enable you to develop an effective electric fencing system to suit your needs."

And the good people over at Wired magazine did just that.

Writer Aaron Rowe was sick and tired of "every jerk with a cover sheet to attach" making off with his stapler.

Enter the Dragon, er, the Red Snap'r 66C:

The 66C will electrify a 15-mile fence with 5,000 volts of juice. And, even though "it's the amps, not the volts that'll getcha," as they say, I think we can all be pretty sure no one f---ed with Aaron's stapler anymore.
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