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Afghanistan Apparently Does Not Have Its Own Central Bank

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Remember that story a couple days ago where we were astounded to learn that Afghanistan has its own central bank? We were wrong about that. Sorry. I mean, they do have their own central bank, technically, but as this breaking news illustrates, eh, they really don't, you know?

Karzai's Brother Calls for U.S. to Shore Up Kabul Bank as Withdrawals Accelerate

Yeah, see, the thing is, the Afghanistan "central bank" seized this Kabul bank earlier this week. So, if it really existed, it would be their problem now. But because it really doesn't exist, except on paper, and the Web, well, they're asking the U.S. central bank to step in. Which is fine, in some respects, but we've got this thing going on here where the Kabul bank is probably going to have to get in line behind California and 30 or so other states as well as 150 regional banks.
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