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Adulterer's Video Game Franchise in a Slump

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As of now, Tiger Woods may have weathered the worst of the tabloid storm and sponsorship fallout from his indiscretions, but the ramifications are still resurfacing. And Electronic Arts is along for the drive, so to speak.

Video game sales tracker NPD Group noted that the Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise, developed by EA, has hit a bit of a slump. Released in June 2010, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 isn't selling as well as last year's version. In fact, sales were down 32% compared to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 which was released in June 2009 -- months before the ill-fated Escalade crash and front page scandal.

Speaking with the New York Times, EA spokesperson Jeff Brown claimed there were "a lot of factors" in the decline including the Nintendo Wii's dip in success and how, unlike the previous version, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 isn't bundled with the Wii console, which would account for stronger numbers. However, like last year, the game is also available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, dampening the effects of the Nintendo Wii's console sales.

So while there may be other reasons why a Tiger Woods golf game isn't as appealing this year, don't rule out bad press and a creepy Nike ad as possible influences.
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