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Add Viacom to List of Google TV Blockers

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Google TV just can't seem to catch a break. Since debuting last month, the service had to withstand blocked access from one network after another -- not to mentionthe worst controller in history. All the major networks -- CBS, Fox, ABC, and NBC -- have blocked the service from accessing content on their official websites. So far, Time Warner networks like TBS, TNT, and HBO are among the sole cable backers to the new product.

And now, add Viacom to the list of broadcasters blocking Google TV. Which means if you want to watch Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, or Nickelodeon programming on your TV, better connect a laptop to the set.

Google TV was intended to act not only as a perfect melding of TV and but also an alternative to cable subscriptions. However, for that to work, broadcasters would have to sit idly by and allow a set top box to access its online content in exchange for cheaper online ads. And since when have cable companies and media conglomerates been level-headed about advertising revenue?

Not to be outdone, Apple TV also ran into backer issues with Warner Bros, CBS, and NBC. The Boxee Box also launched this month without promised support for Netflix or Hulu Plus -- which are now said to be implemented by year's end. But considering Hulu Plus' latest price reduction, it doesn't seem like either side has a clue on what they're doing.

Except for maybe Netflix.

But unless tech companies work directly with cable companies on providing cheap, versatile, streaming content, consumers are forced to take matters into their own hands. And until a compromise is reached, Google TV, Apple TV, Boxee, and every broadcaster and cable provider will continue to see their viewers dwindle.

Now, if you'll excuse me, my BitTorrent transfer is about to finish.
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