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Accountants Are Needed to Keep Businesses Afloat

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Poring over the day's news, I quickly flipped past the insignificant blather about war, global unrest, and other unimportant garbage and was stopped in my tracks by this pearl of wisdom leading off a piece in the financial section of

"Accountants are needed to keep businesses afloat"

The article, which brings to light a very important point that has, for generations, been all but ignored. Businesses need to keep track of their financial affairs.

Here's what Joyce Barden, senior professor of accounting at DeVry University (DV) --known for employing some of the finest accounting professors in the world of academia--has to say:

"The key to a sustainable business is making sure that all involved parties are aware of intimate financial details. It's important for all employees to have a solid, foundational grasp on the skills necessary to provide this vital information."

In related news, writers with a solid grasp of the English language are necessary to produce articles for newspapers and magazines, blind people do not generally make good airline pilots, and major league baseball players need to know how to hit, run, and catch.
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