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A Direct Correlation Between UFOs and Shares of Lockheed Martin and Boeing?

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“So what’s it like to come face to face with something you can’t explain?”

No, we’re not talking about the unknowable prospects of QE2. We’re talking about the ongoing invasion of UFOs above American soil that, for the past few weeks, has helped give local newscasters plenty of opportunities to perfect their “who are these whack-jobs” voices.

This time, it was Fox 5’s Roby Chavez asking the above question to Bryan Fains, a Virginia man who was so moved by his UFO sighting that he seemed to answer Chavez’s question in the form a haiku:

“The lights,
Were so bright,
At Nighttime.”

Chilling, indeed.

The video shows a single blue-light moving erratically through the night sky, and significantly differs from the previous sightings in New York and Texas, both of which were triangle-shaped craft that were almost certainly reversed engineered stealth blimps that use alien anti-gravitational technology to scare the bejeezus out of the populace in a coordinated effort by the military-industrial complex to drive up shares of defense companies like Lockheed Martin and Boeing.

Speaking of, now would be a good time to check out the correlation of the previous UFO encounters with both companies share price.

And what a surprise! One week after the UFO sightings in New York and Texas, shares of both Lockheed Martin and Boeing went up. Not down. Up.

See for yourself.

Lockheed Martin

Sighting           Date          Share Price                   1 week later            %change

NYC               10/14              70.2                                  71.84                        +2.3%
Texas            10/16*             70.02                                71.78                       +2.5%


NYC              10/14              71.36                                71.5                            +.01%
Texas           10/16*             70.11                                71.66                         +.22%

So look, I’m not saying that the appearance of a UFO always results in a higher share price of these aeronautical defense companies. I’m just saying that’s what the research shows.

Play it as you like.
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