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92% of US Toddlers Are Online

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"Yes! That's how you geotag your Tweet! Good girl! Who's my little geotagger? Who's my little geotagger? You are!"

A recent study by the Internet security firm AVG confirmed what everyone already knew: Parents just looooove showing off their kids. But in 2010, whipping out a wallet full of photos is so passe. In this digital age, why bore friends, relatives, and fellow supermarket patrons with 2" x 3" photos of little Tyler when his escapades can be fully chronicled in a series of YouTube clips and Flickr albums?

The extent of your child's web presence wasn't fully realized until AVG surveyed 2,200 mothers across the globe about posting photos and info about their kids. One surprising result: A whopping 92% of kids a form of web presence by the time they reach two years old. In western Europe, that number shrinks to 73%.

According to AVG CEO JR Smith, "It's shocking to think that a 30-year-old has an online footprint stretching back 10-15 years at most, while the vast majority of children today will have online presence by the time they are two-years-old -- a presence that will continue to build throughout their whole lives."

But what JR doesn't realize is that it's for good reasons! When asked why they would post photos of their infants online, 70% replied that they wanted to share the photos with friends and family. See? Nothing wrong with that. I don't know why you have to be so negati-...

Wait, what?

"22% of mothers said they wanted to expand the content on their social networking profiles, while 18% admitted they were merely mimicking their peers."

Oh, for the love-... These people are breeding.

Well, maybe the child's early ingenuity with the web will help them notice the warnings signs for protective services all that much sooner.
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