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87% of Americans Feel Media Covers Celebrities Too Much and Hey! A Celebrity!

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Take a look at today's Rasmussen Stat of the Day:

87 percent of Americans feel the media "pays too much attention to celebrities," 84% admit that Americans "pay too much attention to celebrity news," one percent "do not think media outlets cover celebrities enough," and nine percent say the coverage is "about right."

Which got me thinking:

Did anyone else catch the breaking news today that Rachel Uchitel, one of the women linked to Tiger Woods, is joining this season's cast of Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab?

Oh, and I saw Michael Richards of Seinfeld on the subway recently.

Also, Jennifer Aniston is going topless in a new ad campaign for Lolavie perfume.

And Kelly Osbourne's Pomeranian, Woody, has died.

Oh, one more thing--Jessica Simpson made out with her boyfriend on her 30th birthday.

Not that you're paying attention to that sort of stuff, anyway.
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