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6-Year-Olds, 3-Year-Old Burglarize Home

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While 26-year-old mother of three Sarah Ann Davenport was off attending a parenting class for foster parents, her young charges were back at home proving to the neighborhood just how much mom needs those classes.

In broad daylight on a Saturday morning, two 6-year-olds and a 3-year-old entered their Covington, La., neighbor’s home and absconded with items that may have been intended to ready them for a camping trip: two hammers, a board game, a box of fudge, a full pack of cigarettes, an unspecified amount of money, and a jar of vegetables.

Perhaps still hoping to find a box of graham crackers and some marshmallows, the children were spotted in flagrante by the items’ rightful owner, who called the police.

Officers from the Covington Police Department arrived on the scene to find the children brazenly playing across the street from the scene of the crime. One of the 6-year-olds even pulled out what police first mistook for a pistol, reports. As nerves slowly settled, the children’s cousin showed up and announced himself as their sitter.

No arrests were made, though the police said they may charge Davenport if further investigation warrants it.

Some commenters on the WWLTV site seemed more baffled by what the story doesn’t report than what it does:

thepunkslapper: This is one strange story. Its hard to really tell whats going on. The mother, the kids, the person watching the kids, and even the guy that had his home burglarized all seem crazy.

donaldmaddog: I had to read this story several times to make sense of it. First, is the mother involved the actual biological mother of these children or a "foster mother"? ... Second, where was the man who was "watching" them "arriving" FROM? Why was "the mother" attending "parenting classes" for foster kids when she had (?) three of her own at home?

A few theorized that the kids may not have acted alone:

bix566 said: I would say the cousin was behind it. He broke in with the kids and when the owner of the home showed up, he ran out the back. Then came over shortly after saying he was watching them. Think about it, why would a 3 and 6 year old be interested in a pack of cigarettes?
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