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50 Things Your Waiter Hates About You

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Jared Rivera, founder of Rivera Public Relations in the San Francisco Bay Area, surveyed waiters, waitresses, and bartenders all over town about their biggest pet peeves at work:

The first 10 answers are below, read the rest of the 50 at San Francisco Gate:

1. Patrons who wave money at us (the bartenders) with the assumption that you will go to them first. Everybody has money here, otherwise they wouldn’t have gone out!

2. Manners, manners, manners. (Please) say ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ Just because you are paying for a meal, that does not allow you to be ill mannered.

3. When your server has brought the check to the table and the guests decide to split the tab there is always one or two people who insist on paying cash and the rest will use their cards. This is not a problem by any means. What IS a problem is that guests don’t seem to understand one major, basic thing. The cash that is presented to the server is applied TOWARDS THE BILL. Then the cards split the remainder. At this point, those who have paid with cards will only tip on what they have had charged to their cards. This results in the server receiving a 10% or less tip which actually winds up costing the server money. We have to tip out our Bussers, runners AND bartenders. Any tip less than 15% actually puts the server in deficit. Please, for the love of god people… tip accordingly if your server has done a good job!

4. Making out … you are adults and in public. I don’t care how attractive you are or how much money you throw around. Seeing you lick someone else’s face is disgusting!

5. The “I could make this $14 dish at home for $4” comment. You don’t understand everything that factors into food costs: décor, serving ware, location, etc. Add in your rent and utilities and time then see if you could sell it for $4.

6. Frat boys, drunk chicks, bachelorettes, and hammered CEO’s: please stop doing cocaine and throwing up in our bathrooms. Go to a house party or your hotel room if you need to get wasted.

7. If you have an allergy, tell me BEFORE you order. Menus never list all of the ingredients used, just the main ones. It’s your health or diet, why would you trust a stranger to guess you may have a restricted diet?

8. Talking on cell phone and expecting servers to patiently wait while you finish your call. Get up go away from table and finish your conversation and I will be glad to take care of your needs. I will even find a plug to charge your battery.

9. Drinking melted ice and calling it a cocktail. I’m sorry, you already drank your cocktail. Now you’re just drinking a memory.

10. Diners who call you to their table and are not ready to order or don’t even have any question about the menu. They just sit there staring at the menu, then when you tell them you’ll be right back or if they need another minute to look at the menu, they say “no”, then still are not ready to order.
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