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Still Bullish on Google

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To answer a couple recent questions, Google (GOOG) remains my largest position and no, I have not sold shares or trimmed exposure in quite some time. While some trimming may seem prudent and might well be, I'm not selling here and actually thinking of adding further. The long awaited move through the old all-time highs is commencing and I stand by my long held views for the stock to increase in multiples from the multi-year $550-700 channel. The stock is still in my view, the Berkshire (BRK) of the Internet space. In time, more will come to this comparison and line of reasoning. I also think people are severely under-estimating the potential for GOOG fiber (and Chrome, Android, Mobile/Geo, Docs, G+, Gmail, Drive etc...). Heck how many times have we heard that Android isn't working? From leading Tech luminati no less? I still can't cypher what these folks were looking at (or still are) as all the data was right in front for the world to see.

Case in point, last night I had dinner with one of my many Tech contacts and he stated that the demand for Google Gigabit services would be astounding and they (Google) are much closer to making this happen in scale than most believe. None of this is a surprise to me.

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