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Implications of the Apple and Samsung Court Decision

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I've received a few requests on my views on the court decision, so here goes.

As usual vs. the press, I'm a bit underwhelmed by this decision and think too much is being made of certain aspects. For one, the implication for Samsung. In my view, most of the patents issues/damages at hand are the most relevant to aged products and much less on the Android Honeycomb through 4.0 platform products and beyond. Moreover, while this is certainly a loss for Samsung, this decision will be appealed and the final result might not be known for quite some time. Google (GOOG) is seeing a direct negative effect and the first thing I'll say is that any selling that has GOOG back into the $650's or below will have me laying into some GOOG trades with a view to the $700-750 level in the short/intermediate term.

However, there is little doubt that this is a net positive for Apple (AAPL) with a few salient implications. First, while this is a clear positive for AAPL the win is not a big surprise. I also think it could be a bigger positive for various AAPL foodchain suppliers and/or competitors. The reasons here is simple. Many of suppliers are also benefiting from more than just AAPL exposure, yet have notably lagged Apple and in some cases even the broad market this year.

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