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Post Earnings Tech Breakdown

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You can't own them all and I'm not going to overly fret given the post EPS results I've seen this quarter. Frankly, I've seen the best stock reactions in my portfolio since Q1 of this year and possibly even better than Q1. The only stock that reacted very poorly was Facebook (FB) and I still think the results for FB were much better than the reaction. I'll be building more of this name if it keeps lagging in a rising market.

Speaking of lagging stocks in a rising market. My biggest purchases (or largest relative to my portfolio size) in Google (GOOG) and Apple (AAPL) occurred in the 2006 timeframe under these lagging conditions. GOOG in fact, essentially had the first miss in the companies short history and the stock got creamed from the low $400's and fell into the mid/low $300's. The big story then, was -- "Has Google's Growth Finally Stalled Out". There were also many bearish anecdotal's like -- "How does Google make money? I've never clicked on a link." And other such absurdities. This decline occurred while the Naz was making post 2004 highs in early 2006 and Semi's were absolutely on fire. AAPL's for it's part had the imperious Steve Job's become embroiled in the now nearly forgotten (SOB scandal). SOB being, the "Stock Option Backdating". This issue actually became a major negative for much of the Tech sector during this period. But AAPL got hit from the high $80's and bottomed in AH's trading at $48 before an earnings report came out with crushing results and AAPL also reporting positive findings in Job's SOB issue. By the way, this was all pre-iPhone or even iPhone rumors. Those started hitting about 5 months after this period.

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