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Google, Facebook Get a Taste of Their Own Medicine

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Over the past few years, online privacy concerns have become increasingly prevalent, both to a general population worried about what Facebook’s (FB) doing with their photo and the nation’s military. Whether we’re on our MacBooks (AAPL) or BlackBerrys (RIMM), there’s always the chance that some malevolent force might be after our data.

Well, across the pond, a few Dublin residents are looking to, if not assuage, then at least bring a bit of parity to privacy concerns. Filmmaker and digital rights expert Caroline Campbell recently joined with visual artist Nina McGowan to make a short video about the city.

The cool part? Unmanned drones filmed the whole thing.

According to Wired, the film, titled Loitering Theater debuted as part of the Dublin Science Gallery’s “Hack the City” exhibition. In the description of their piece, the two artists claim that it was designed to democratize drone surveillance.

Along with empty city buildings and major thoroughfares, the filmmakers also decided to spy on both Google (GOOG) and Facebook’s headquarters. They even managed to catch a meeting at Google. Employees, unsurprisingly, were not happy.

Recently, we’ve seen concerns over the expanded use of drones both at home and abroad. Many privacy advocates worry about the end result of the sort of surveillance they can provide.

In nearly the same breath, these advocates also wonder about large web companies’ gigantic stockpiles of customer data.

From the look of things, Loitering Theater manages to address both concerns.

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