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Wireless Vortex Will Create a Much Faster Internet

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Cisco Systems (CSCO) just announced its new network called Cisco Connect Cloud (CCC), a multi-device software connection platform that could be compared to Microsoft’s (MSFT) Xbox SmartGlass, if SmartGlass let consumers allot bandwidth levels in addition to wirelessly syncing multiple devices.
But while tech companies are currently concerned with device integration, a research breakthrough hints at where research and development divisions might be focused next.

A recent achievement in wireless routing technology is about to revolutionize the wireless systems through which companies transmit their information. Cicso, NetGear (NTGR), AT&T (T), Verizon (VZ) and others will all be expected to adapt to what’s being dubbed “the fastest wireless network every created.”
The technique being used by American and Israeli researchers is best likened to a vortex beam. Incorporating some very technical aspects of how signals are transmitted -- through orbital angular momentum (OAM) and spin angular momentum (SAM) -- wireless speeds are about to get much, much faster. frames the science in a layman’s analogy:
“If you picture the Earth, SAM is our planet spinning on its axis, while OAM is our movement around the Sun. Basically, the breakthrough here is that researchers have created a wireless network protocol that uses both OAM and SAM.
So, what exactly does that mean? It means a wireless signal with near-infinite capacity will likely be available to consumers within the next few years, capable of transmitting 2.5 terabits per a second, the equivalent of seven Blu-ray DVDs.
That’s a heavy chunk of information flying at incredible speeds, and hardware and software will require a serious capacity update to accommodate the new data flow. And that means means a whole new slew of product lines.

Apple (AAPL), time to get crackin' on a new Time Machine.

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