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Why You Shouldn't Buy the New MacBook Pro

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According to a number of early reports, the new Retina MacBook Pro makes every other computer screen, no matter how new or expensive, look terrible. If Apple’s (AAPL) developers are to be believed, it’s “the most beautiful computer [they’ve] ever made.”

But should you buy one? For many users, the answer is probably no.

For starters, the computer’s high-def display makes a lot low-res web pages look blurry. And, while the new MacBook weighs in at a relatively light five pounds, it still isn’t as portable as Apple’s MacBook Air.

The new laptop is also the most difficult Mac to repair at home yet. Granted, Apple has always come in behind companies like Microsoft (MSFT) in customization -- a fact that is made abundantly clear by Cupertino’s unwillingness to allow users to change their default iOS browsers, in spite of soon-to-be-released products by Mozilla and Google (GOOG). But the Retina takes this aspect to a new level.

Of course, the biggest issue is price. The Retina MacBook starts out at a hefty $2,200, and scales all the way up to $3,449. Compare that to the MacBook Air, which starts at $999, or the iPad -- a device that also has a Retina display -- which starts at $499.

Long story short, two to three thousand dollars is a ton of money to spend on a computer in this day and age. Plus, considering how rapidly technology improves, a new device will probably come out next year that makes the Retina look terrible, or at least drives the price down.

At this point, the Retina is just too expensive for anyone but the most dedicated Mac Geeks and people who absolutely need the high-def display. That said, anyone willing to shell out the money is set to wind up with what might be the best computer on the market.

Still, if all you’re going to do is visit Facebook (FB) and check stock quotes, it might be better to wait until next year.

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