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'Phantom iPhone' Sensation Plaguing Users

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After feeling the familiar buzz from your phone in your pocket, have you ever reached for it only to realize your cell is actually in your stupid hand?

If you experience "phantom buzzing" from your iPhone (AAPL), Android (GOOG), WIndows Phone (MSFT), or BlackBerry (RIMM) device, you're not alone, reports Mental Floss. According to a recent study, 68% of those questioned experienced the spooky phenomena, with 13% of them having it occur daily.

The scientific research behind this bizarre first-world experience is lacking, but there are some brave souls willing to tackle this issue.

Alex Blaszczynski, Chairman of the School of Psychology at the University of Sydney, has a theory.  

“I expect it’s related to some of the electrical signals coming through in a transmission, touching on the surrounding nerves, giving a feeling of a vibration,” he says.

Basically, Blaszczynski thinks that there's nothing phantom about the sensations -- the victim actually is feeling something emitted from the phone, just not an official notification.

Makes sense, but that still doesn't explain why some people get buzzy pockets when their phone is nowhere near their bodies.

Perhaps, like a young mother who constantly thinks she hears her sleeping baby crying for help, the brain is in a heightened state of anticipation, suggests Larry Rosen, a professor of psychology at California State University. In his book, "iDisorder", he writes that since we're continually anticipating some type of technological interaction, it's easy to misinterpret the smallest of unrelated stimuli (like fabric rubbing against you) as the big buzz you're waiting for.  

Sufferers of phantom phone vibes need not panic, however, as several treatment options are now available. First, alternate where on your person you keep your phone. Then, if that doesn't work, try using a different device. If all that fails, just turn off vibrate and use the ringer.
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