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How to Make an Android User Cringe

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The durability of our most fragile devices is growing stronger everyday. As evidenced by the advancements made by Gorilla Glass manufacturer Corning (GLW), the screens that guard our iPhones (AAPL), Droids (GOOG), and Windows Phones (MSFT) by Nokia (NOK) are getting even thinner as they get even tougher.

And there's no stronger demonstration of this durability as a video of a certifiably insane Samsung Galaxy S3 user showing the lengths at which the new phone protects against scratches.

Debuting in the States with Android 4.0 on Verizon (VZ), AT&T (T), Sprint (S), and T-Mobile, the S3 has already earned glowing reviews from critics like the New York Times' David Pogue who extolled the device's performance and fancy features.

But leave it to a YouTube clip to show off its build quality.

As you can see -- through squinted eyes and gritted teeth -- the user plays through a round of Fruit Ninja with an actual, friggin' knife! But thanks to the Gorilla Glass, no scratch is left behind.

And now that your skin is effectively crawling right now, summon someone to stand nearby with the smelling salts, because this is how you make an Android user faint.

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