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BlackBerry Beats iOS, Android in Developer Profit

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Despite the rumors of demise swirling around BlackBerry (RIMM), the platform still remains profitable for some of the developers who have stuck with it. GigaOm reported on a study by mobile analytics firm VisionMobile, which showed the average monthly revenue from a BlackBerry app is $3,853. That’s higher than the $3,693 earned from iOS (AAPL) and the $2,735 for Android (GOOG).

In order for the results to be as accurate as possible, VisionMobile discarded the top 5% since the apps with monster sales would greatly skew the results.

These numbers are a reflection of the low cost in developing for the BlackBerry platform. The typical app costs just $15,851 to bring to market, compared to an average of $27,463 for iOS and $22,637 for Android.

But it's not all cause for celebration in Waterloo. According to the VisionMobile survey, despite the low costs and higher revenue, 41% of developers plan to abandon RIM. As bad as that seems, Qualcomm's (QCOM) BREW platform is faring far worse. It faces the biggest exodus of developers, 60% to be exact, as the company shifts from feature phones to smartphones.

Where are all these developers flocking to? According to VisionMobile, Microsoft (MSFT). Windows Phone was the top new destination for developers -- 57% said they would adopt the platform in 2012.

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